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The following documents and reports were produced by the CIC Technical Presentations Committee or are related to the work of this committee. If you wish to comment on any of these documents or reports, please email the chairman.

Nov., 2011 Future Equipment - What Investments Will Be Necessary to Fix Today's Cars
    18 pages in Acrobat pdf
July, 2011 Estimating Today's Vehicles
    54 pages in Acrobat pdf
Mar., 2011 Electronic Stability Control
    18 pages in Acrobat pdf

Presentation Videos:

Hunter Video

No ESC Video

With ESC Video

July, 2010 "B" Pillar Replacement
    39 pages in Acrobat pdf
Jan., 2010 Aftermarket Structural Parts Comparisons: Toby Chess
    38 pages in Acrobat pdf
Nov., 2009 The Complete Teardown
    63 pages in Acrobat pdf
July 2009 When Repairs Go Wrong
    55 pages in Acrobat pdf
April 2009 Welding in the Collision Repair Industry
    21 pages in Acrobat pdf
Nov. 2008 Technical Repair Information & Welding Demo and Education
    22 pages in Acrobat pdf
July 2008 New Vehicle Technologies and How They Present new Challenges to First Responders
    22 pages in Acrobat pdf
April 2008 Telephone Etiquette
    17 pages in Acrobat pdf
Jan. 2008 Hybrid Components and Safety
    35 pages in Acrobat pdf
July 2007 Understanding Collision Force & Vehicle Dimensions: In other words - How to Reduce Friction Costs & Supplements
April 2007 Plasma Cutters
    19 pages in Acrobat
Nov., 2006 Squeeze-Type Resistance Spot Welding
    34 pages in Acrobat
April, 2006 The Impact of New Technology on Writing Estimates
    30 pages in Acrobat
Nov, 2005 New Technologies in Panel Attachment
    41 pages in Acrobat
Sept, 2005 The Future Technology that is Here Today
    22 pages in Acrobat
April, 2004 Repair & Blend Within: Time Difference
    53 slides in Acrobat
August, 2004 Radiators and Air Conditioning Condensers
    34 slides in Acrobat
April 2003

Door Skin Replacement Presentation

     40 slides in Acrobat

Possible Non-Included Items - Door Skin Replacement Presentation

     28 slides in Acrobat

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